“Brian was quick to respond to the initial email and came out within 48 hours to give me an estimate on the project.  His helper did the sanding and painting.  The paint match was very good and the overall quality of the work was also very good.  The price was reasonably competitive I believe.  My brother has a slightly larger deck than mine and had his done by a different contractor for $700.”  Sandra from Milford

“I think he did a really good job.  He did a nice job with rebuilding the railing.  Since it is an old house there were a lot of coats of paint on the brackets supporting the porch roof.  He did a good job in cleaning up a lot of the old paint so that when he repainted it looked good.”  Michael from Westborough

“He does a nice job.  He gets my sense of humor, which is very important to me.  His charges are reasonable.  If he doesn’t get the job right the first time he will make corrections and do whatever is necessary.  I am happy with him as a handyman.  I give him a big list of things to do.  We get along and he understands where I am coming from.  He does a nice job and he will turn up to do it.”  Susan from Upton

“I am very pleased with the results and everyday I notice how much better it looks than before.  They used special porch paint for the decking and stairs, which was very important because they were in bad shape.  They did a good job sanding down the rough edges, especially on the older parts of the stairs.  All the mold on the shady areas is gone and I believe this paint job will last for several years.”  Marion from Hopedale

“I am extremely happy with Brian’s services.  The task he was asked to do required a lot of creativity and knowledge of carpentry.  He was very professional and showed up when he stated he would show up.  The end product looks amazing and his meticulousness really shines through!  I would hire him again in a heartbeat!”  Megan from Upton

“The work was done in one day, clean and neat with no issues at all.  Brian showed up and got right to work.  Brian is very easy to work with and I will have him back again to tackle more work.  Another great experience.  Worth more than what I paid.”  Michael from Sutton

“Everything went perfect.  Brian came in and gave a quote and started about 1-2 weeks later.  He had another job to finish which is a good sign that he doesn’t try to juggle too many jobs at once.  Brian’s price was fair and for the work he did was a good value.”  Marc from Worcester

“I have used Brian regularly at a rental property I own in Worcester.  This is the first time I have used him at my home, and it’s because of the uniformly exceptional quality of his work that I asked him to our house.  He does terrific carpentry in particular, and he is fast and VERY neat.  I always feel that I get more than my money’s worth on his work (Brian don’t go raising your prices now!)”  Jeff from Hopkinton

“His name is Brian McElligott.  He is conscientious.  He finished on time which is miraculous and to me it is almost unheard of.  He solved little problems that popped up quickly and efficiently like getting an electrician in to fix a couple of wiring problems.  The electrician that he used came that day itself which is again unheard of.  An issue came up in my renovation.  I said I would call the electrician I have used that I like and the handyman said he would call his electrician and his electrician got here quicker.  The electrician was good and I can’t think of anything that he did that I would have him do differently.  I got his number because I was looking up somebody to do doors.  He did do my doors and he did a nice job on the doors.  There was not anything that I am remotely unhappy with.  I have waited 18 years to do this room.  Most people were telling me that it would cost $20000 or $30000.  He told me that I could spend that much if I wanted, but he came up with some ideas and gave me a price and he was within $100 of the price he gave me.  I am a big mouth.  When I like somebody, people know about it and when I don’t like somebody, people know about it.  I have a couple of other projects that we came up with, in the process of this one, to put a cabinet in.  He has never done it before but I have so much confidence in him, I think he can do it.  He has sole proprietorship.  He has got one guy who works with him.  The woodwork looks wonderful.  After they fixed everything, then they painted everything.  The painting went well and the room looks beautiful.  I keep reminding myself that the room looked so bad for 18 years.”  Cynthia from Hopkinton

“Brian, the owner, is far from your typical contractor and I mean that as a sincere compliment.  We had a fairly extensive list of projects we needed done ranging from painting to minor remodeling and carpentry.  Brian very carefully itemized the projects, worked with me to estimate the time it would take to complete them, and gave me a very accurate quote for the services.  We had a desire for a very short turn-around, as we are looking to sell our house, and Brian did everything possible to accommodate us.  The bulk of the work was completed on time and the whole project was done at, or just under, the quote.  A few of the projects, uncovering and refinishing some hardwood floors and carpentry work, were outsourced to great professionals who really did a great job.  Being someone who has had a lot of bad experiences with contractors and service providers in general, Brian’s commitment to quality and sincere care about our overall satisfaction was a very welcoming change.”  Brian from Milford

“It was well coordinated, Brian kept his word and left his mark on the work.  We are very happy with the quality of the service and the work execution done by Brian.  Brian answered the e-mail and returned my call quickly and came around to give an estimate.  He was there at the appointed time.  He cleaned up as he went.  All in all we are very happy with Brian and his work.”  Raghu from Grafton

“When my wife and I went over to see his work we were so pleased.  We like to take good care of our property and our tenants so all work is a reflection on us.  It took one full day to complete this fairly extensive repair but it truly was better than new when he was done.  It was slightly more expensive than I had anticipated but in fairness the work was more extensive.  I had made an appointment a week and a half prior to the scheduled date and had left myself reminders for myself to check with him to make sure that we were still on his schedule.  I needn’t have done so.  Brian is clearly a man of his word.  He is now officially the new handyman of our company!”  Jeff from Hopkinton